Summer Retreat 2024

Introduction to Buddhism, Following the Lam Rim

1 – 30 June

with Geshema Dawa Dolma

At the time of the Buddha the heavy rains during monsoon made it difficult for the Buddha and his followers to go out every day and beg for their food as the muddy footpaths and jungle were full of insects. In order to prevent trampling and squashing these creatures and also the crops of the farmers, the Buddha decided it was best to spend this time in a single place in retreat.

Following in the footsteps of the Buddha, Thosamling organizes every year a summer retreat during the monsoon.

Join Geshema Dawa Dolma in this retreat who will guide you through the complete path of the teachings of the Buddha and with the help of Ven. Tenzin Wangmo lak there will be discussion sessions and meditation practices connected with the instructions given by Geshema Dawa Dolma. The Lam Rim teachings are found in all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

To attain an awakened state, we must realize the nature of reality and transform our self-cherishing attitude into a compassionate one. We achieve this transformation in stages, starting where we are. Accepting our situation and understanding the impermanent nature of life helps us to let go of our focus on just this life. We can change our minds with wisdom by becoming aware of the source of happiness and suffering. Developing the mind of universal compassion through acts of kindness benefit others and ourselves.

The summer retreat is for both beginners and more experienced students.

To register for the summer retreat, please contact us at [email protected]