Frequently Asked Questions

I have never meditated before – is that a problem?
Our 4-day shamatha course is especially created to introduce “beginners” to the meditation practice. The sessions include explanation of the various techniques of Shamatha meditation and our teachers are there to explain and assist in the practice.

I have health issues – must I sit on the floor?
Of course not – the whole idea is to find a posture that will be conducive to the meditation practice and allow one to sit at ease. If needed chairs are provided as well as cushions. Even the lying position might be advised.

I have special dietary needs – can you provide me with special food/cooking facilities?
Thosmaling kitchen offers simple wholesome vegetarian food. We provide our guests with the option to have food with/ without onion garlic, however we cannot cater for other dietary needs, nor can we provide individual cooking facilities.

Can I keep my mobile with me on silent mode during the course?
We ask all our retreat participants to deposit their mobile devices at the check-in. This is to ensure that you can complete the retreat in silence and not get distracted by events in the world. You will be reachable at all times for emergencies. For emergency contact, you can give your family and friends Thosamling’s phone number (+91) 9816 1418 30 and email address ([email protected]) to.

The summer retreat and the teaching weekends are different in nature, and therefore you can keep your phone and laptop with you.

Can I leave Thosamling during the course?
We ask our guests not to leave Thosamling during the course. The nunnery has lovely grounds and gardens where the course and retreat participants can enjoy the nature and views. There is a long entrance path to Thosamling (the “outer gate”) where residents can stretch their legs and enjoy the marvelous view of the mountains. However, we ask our course participants not to go beyond the outer gate even if the scenery is charming. You are always welcome to visit us after the course or retreat to explore the area around Thosamling.

Are men allowed in the retreat?
For the benefit of all, we have opened Thosamling also to men. The accommodation for men is in a separate building from the women’s accommodation.

What are the accommodation options?
We offer single and double rooms with attached bathrooms, and also, single and double rooms with common shower and toilet facilities for women. For men, we have single rooms, as well a small and large dormitory with common shower and toilet facilities.

For more information about accommodation and booking, please email us at [email protected]