Office Staff

Shashi Gora

Who does not know Shashi? She is working more then 10 years in Thosamling and is a real manager. When she arrived we looked at a very young Indian woman but very soon we saw she was extremely capable to take care of the Nunnery and Institute. She was not sure if she would be the right person for the job, “I don’t have many computer skills” she told us. But of course all these things you can learn. She developed herself from an office worker towards a manager. Without Shashi Thosamling would not be Thosamling


Megraz is our head cook and for many people a long term staff member. He left Thosamling in the past but always came back. He knows the kitchen and Thosamling very well and is a precious member of our community. He loves to cook and learn new dishes very easily. Once you show him the dish he will be able to cook it the next time when it is on the menu.

He has a lot of experiences and know how to adjust dishes for people with food allergies or intolerances.


Lata is the daughter-in-law from Chendu Baba, or Chenduram. He was the oldest staff member and in February 2020 he went for his pension. When we were in need of a housekeeper he immediately introduced Latta to us. And she is very skilled and helpful. She has green thumbs as well and is a good gardener. During Covid-19 lockdown she was showing her skills and made sure that new vegetables were sowed into the soil.