Thosamling’s Accommodation

The accommodation at Thosamling consists of simple, spacious and comfortable single rooms.

We have rooms with ensuite bathrooms, and rooms with common showers and toilet facilities.

Thosamling is first and foremost a place for women. However, we allow men to participate in our retreats and courses, and they are accommodated in a separate accommodation block. Due to this, we only have a limited number of places for men.

Every room has a bed with mattress, pillow, sheets and a fleece blanket. During the winter we provide a duvet and extra blankets. In the colder season we also provide you with an electric blanket and a hot water bottle, making your bed nice and cozy. Each room has a table, a chair, a shelf unit for your belongings, and a meditation mat and cushion. If needed, we can provide you with extra cushions.

Accommodation in Thosamling