Five-year Philosophy Program

At Thosamling we offer a five-year philosophy program to nuns and lay people, which covers the varies Buddhist subjects studied and practiced in the Nalanda tradition and at Tibetan monastic universities. It is offered in conjunction with and taught parallel to the Nalanda Masters Course in Buddhist Philosophy, taught by Geshe Dorji Damdul at Tibet House, Delhi.

Tibetan Language Courses

At this moment, Thosamling is not offering any Tibetan language classes.


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Bodhicitta & the Wisdom of Emptiness Retreat

In 2023 we have the good fortune to receive the most profound teachings on bodhicitta and emptiness with Geshe Dorji Damdul.

Lojong – Mind Training

Geshe Dawa Dolma teaches 5 x 5-day courses on Lojong – Mind Training.

4-day shamatha retreat at Thosamling

Shamatha (mindfulness) meditation – is the practice of cultivating a focused, clear and calm mind, Mindfulness …..

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