Serkong Institute 4-Year Program

This program is tailored for individuals seeking a comprehensive grasp of Buddhist scriptures. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is limited for completing traditional Buddhist study programs, this program aims to encompass all essential subjects taught in classical Buddhist studies in a condensed format.

The first module begins Oct-3 to Dec -15, 2024
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Logic and Debate

23 – 30 September

This immersion course in Logic and Debate led by Atisha Mathur is tailored only for the students in the online debate course offered through Instituto Lama Tzong Khapa (ILTK) , Italy who would like to engage more deeply in face-to-face debate but are unable to go to Italy to take part in the annual retreat.

The Art of Presence: Diving into Shamatha and Vipassana Retreat for 6 Weeks

14 Feb – 31 March 2025

Shamatha and Vipassana are fundamental pillars of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, guiding practitioners towards deep insight and inner peace.

Join us at Thosamling for an intensive retreat led by our resident teacher, Geshe Ngawang Thekchok. In this retreat, we will explore Buddhist meditation techniques such as Shamatha and Vipassana. Geshe Ngawang Thekchok will teach us how these meditative practices can help us develop clarity and stability in our mind, allowing us to abide in its natural calm. We will also learn how to develop a true understanding of our minds and how it relates to relationships, varied situations that can arise, and to reality.


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As part of our continued commitment to enhance our property and service, we are in the process of renovating our rooms and buildings.

Shamatha (mindfulness) meditation – is the practice of cultivating a focused, clear and calm mind, Mindfulness

We have exciting news to share! Thosamling Nunnery and Institute for International Buddhist Women was the site of the Alliance of Non Himalayan Nuns (ANHN) Gathering 2024 from March 3-24. 

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