The Thosamling Experience

Thosamling is a very unique place. Even if you stay at Thosamling for one day or even a couple of hours, you know that it gives you a one-of-a-kind experience.

Thosamling is located in the rural area of Sidhpur. It is surrounded by fields, and overlooking the magnificent Dhauladhar mountain range.

You won’t be able to come all the way to Thosamling by car. The taxi will drop you off before the bridge. In order to reach the gate of Thosamling, after crossed the bridge, you need to walk 8-10 minutes through the rice fields. Because of this, you won’t hear any traffic noises while staying here. Instead, you hear the sounds of the birds, and sometimes the barking of one of our dogs.

When visiting Thosamling you will be in awe of our gardens. Over the course of 20 years a place that was once occupied with rice fields, has been transformed into a green wilderness, with lots of different trees and plants. The variety in planting attracts many different birds, butterflies, and insects. There is a pond with frogs that you sometimes can hear at night time. Close to the entrance gate, next to the meditation hall, is an impressive Bodhi Tree. Its seed comes from the famous bodhi tree at the Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya, under which the Buddha became enlightened. It is lovely to sit under the tree, and sometimes we sit and meditate with our shamatha retreatants around the tree.

Thosamling has a beautiful meditation hall, in Tibetan it’s called “gompa,” that can host up to 100 people. The meditation hall was built with funding offered by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. With this he showed he strong support for the establishment of Thosamling, for which we are forever grateful. Before the building started, the site of the gompa was consecrated and blessed by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

The temple walls are adorned with the 21 Taras and Prajnaparamita, the female deity of wisdom. On the outside walls the Five Long-Life Sisters, who are powerful earth and mountain goddesses. They have vowed to protect Buddhism and play a pivotal role in keeping the balance of elements in harmony.

The gompa is a place where the nuns and visitors come together for daily prayers, where our resident and visiting teachers transmit their teachings, and where we do retreats together. 

Above the gompa is Thosamling’s library, which has a wonderful selection of Buddhist books, mainly in both in English and Tibetan, but you will also find books in other languages.

Next to the library there is some accommodation and a room to accommodate visiting teachers. Above the library is HH Dalai Lama apartment. In 2009 we were delighted when HH Dalai Lama visited Thosamling and taught in our gompa.

Thosamling has a well-equipped kitchen, in which three times a day a delicious meal is created. Thosamling is well known for its yummy home-made bread and jams. We also use the kitchen to bake biscuits and khapse, which are deep fried Tibetan cookies.

Thosamling has an organic garden, which provides homegrown fresh and healthy vegetables to our kitchen. Around 30 % of the vegetables we consume comes from our own garden.

Residents are welcome to enjoy Thosamling’s grounds and sit in the garden. Due to our organic gardening method, which is pesticide and chemical free, Thosamling is home to an amazing variety of birds – for all you bird watchers out there.

You can go on one of our roofs and enjoy the magical views of the mountains and fields, or sit in the garden and relax – there are many ways to enjoy the nature of Thosamling.


It has been an absolutely amazing one month for me at Thosamling. The love and care I felt from everyone around was so touching. I’m sure that I will look back on this wonderful time always. (Lynn Glenda Pinto)

I came for a weekend and stayed for 2 months and 4 shamatha retreats. Amazing place……. (Jodie)

Thank you, Thosamling, for letting me in your beautiful home. The biodiversity in your garden has given me a lot of joy along with the many bird songs, and all of your silent smiles full of benevolence from dear Anilas to the staff, the volunteers, and each sentient being making this place so welcoming. (Geraldine, France)

The magic of Thosamling is that even in its movement, one can find primordial stillness. I cannot thank this community enough for the two months I was lucky enough to stay here for. I feel grounded and uplifted at the same time; resting in the palms of snowy mountains, yet reaching for the skies. I offer my deepest gratitude and love. (Nivita, NY)

There is not enough compliments to express gratitude to the Thosamling team for an amazingly yummy and endlessly nutrious food that was enjoyed during the winter retreat (Dinara, Kazakhstan).

It has been a very fulfilling retreat for me….. I loved the calmness, greeneries, solitude time, yummy healthy food, sweet retreat mates, and the positive vibe….. I’ll come back to experience the moment. (Lhamo Tsering)

It is with big fulfilled hearts that we thank you for an experience that will be within our souls forever. All the gentle nuns, the long-term volunteers and residents that have contributed to a deep sense of community we truly feel close to. Thank for the laughs, the wisdom, the long lunches and dinners – for holding space openly and with undeniable love. To those we made a special, closer connection with – you’ll be forever in our hearts. (Brendan and Joanne)

Thosamling is a rare, pure sanctuary for female practitioners in India, in the powerful presence of the sacred Himalayas, I’m deeply grateful to everyone who has helped and continues to help Thosamling’s manifestation in this world. (Khareen Pech, South Africa)

What a bliss to be guest here. Such an ideal place for practice and love of the dharma.

I came empty and deflated. Today my heart is so full – I’m light again. My cup is running over. (Mukti Den)