What to bring

Before Arrival

We are located in the peaceful terraced grain fields near the rural village of Sidhpur. To reach us you will walk for ten minutes along a stone footpath through the fields. Please call the office before arriving if you have luggage or need assistance and we will make sure a member of our staff meets you.

For the registration 

•  A photocopy of your passport
   Indian visa
   One passport photo

Please have these with you when you arrive in Thosamling.


We recommend bringing comfortable loose clothing that can be worn in layers. In the summer it can be quite warm, but temperatures may drop significantly when it rains. In the winter it can be quite cold, sometimes freezing at night.

   A shawl/blanket (Shawls are cheap and available in McLeod-Ganj).
   In the winter, bring warm clothing that can be worn in layers
   You will need to walk to Thosamling, so bring some walking shoes/sneakers. For entering the meditation hall bring shoes you can easily slip in and out of. We recommend to bring slippers for in your room, and slippers for in the bathroom.

Other items

   Your own bath towel and toiletries. Toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorants, sanitary pads, and tampons are available in India, but you might prefer to bring your favorite brand.

   A torch (flashlight) and extra batteries are useful during power cuts.

   An alarm clock.

   Earplugs can be useful. Normally it is very quiet in Thosamling, but occasionally during wedding season it can be noisy for an evening or two.

   It is handy to have your own water bottle. Filtered water is freely available in our dining hall. Out of concern for the environment, we strongly discourage our residents from buying water in plastic bottles.

   For your own convenience you can bring an electric kettle with you to make hot water for tea or coffee in your room. You can buy them in Dharamsala.

   Both the room and the meditation hall have meditation cushions, but if you are very attached to your own favorite meditation cushion you are welcome to bring it along.

During monsoon season, from July – September:

   A mosquito net and/or mosquito repellent

   An umbrella or rainwear

Thosamling has a small shop that can provide you with toilet paper, soap, tooth paste and brushes incense, notebooks and pens.