How To Approach Meditation: Listen, Reflect, and Meditate

04 – 08 August

with Geshe Ngawang Thekchok

In this course, Geshe Ngawang Thekchok, who has 22 years of training in a traditional monastic Institute will offer clear instructions on the benefits of meditation. He will explain how Meditation can help us investigate the root of our negative emotions, and teach us how to transform them into positive ones, such as love, patience, and tolerance. Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, this course is suitable for anyone wanting to meditate. Geshela will guide us towards incorporating meditation into our personal lives with inspiration from classical sources like the guide to the Bodhisattva’s way of Life (Bodhicharyavatara). Additionally, the course will offer an overview of ancient meditation techniques, such as Shamatha and Vipassana, which have been relied upon by Buddhist comtemplatives and masters for centuries.

To register for the course, please email us at [email protected]