Personal Retreat

Thosamling is an excellent place for nuns and laywomen to do your personal retreat. Whether you are looking for an environment to complete your preliminary practices, a silent vipassana style retreat or a Dharma study retreat, Thosamling can offer you great support and the necessary facilities.

You will have a private room with an attached or shared bathroom. We have for you to use a prostration board, water bowls, or other items that you might need for your practice. We provide you with a healthy meal three times a day that you can eat in the dining hall, inside your room, or outside in our peaceful garden. At your request, the meals can be without “black foods,” such as garlic and onion.

As the nature of every retreat is different, we request you, before you consolidate your plans, to discuss with us what you need and how we can help. In this way we can make the conditions for your retreat as conducive as possible.

For those who are new to retreat, we can help to set up a schedule that works for you. If you like to do your retreat in silence, we will give you a SILENCE badge to wear so that our residents and other guests can support you in this practice.

Our resident teachers, Geshe Ngawang Theckchock and Geshe-ma Dawa Dolma, are available to assist retreatants with advice, and our community of nuns and other Dharma practitioners will support you where they can.

If you would like to do a long strict retreat, you need a letter from your teacher approving your retreat, and his/her agreement that he/she will be available to you, in case you need extra help or guidance.

If you would like to check out if Thosamling is the best place for you to do retreat, please contact us on [email protected], and we’ll come back to you soon.

Please read here what it means to stay at Thosamling Nunnery in a retreat environment.