Summer Retreat 2023

2 – 31 July

At the time of the Buddha the heavy rains during monsoon made it difficult for the Buddha and his followers to go out every day and beg for their food as the muddy footpaths and jungle were full of insects. In order to prevent trampling and squashing these creatures and also the crops of the farmers, the Buddha decided it was best to spend this time in a single place in retreat.

Following in the footsteps of the Buddha, Thosamling organizes every year a summer retreat during the monsoon.

This year, our summer retreat consists of three parts: a shamatha retreat, a Lamrim retreat, and a course on how to integrate Lamrim into your daily life.

The retreat starts on 2 July with a 4-day  Shamatha Retreat. From 6 -7 July you can continue the shamatha retreat in a light form, having guided sessions in the morning and evening. During these days you have the opportunity to prepare for the 15-day  Lamrim retreat, which starts on 7 July and finishes 22 July. Both the Shamatha Retreat and the Lamrim retreat are led by Venerable Lhundup Jamyang.

After a two day break, in which you have guided meditations in the morning and the evening, you can continue your summer retreat with Geshe Dawa Dolma, who explains about  Practicing Lamrim in Daily Life. This will help you to integrate everything you have learned so far into your daily life. After that, you’ll have a few days to come out of the retreat and to prepare your mind for going back to your normal life. 

The summer retreat is for both beginners and more experienced students.

Before signing up, please read about  the meaning of retreat and what it means  to stay at Thosamling Nunnery in a retreat environment.

If you don’t have the time to do all three parts of the summer retreat, you can also sign up for each part individually.

To register for the summer retreat or any of the three parts of the summer retreat, please contact us at [email protected].