History, Mission and Vision


The idea of building a nunnery for non-Himalayan nuns germinated amongst the Tibetan Buddhist community for many years. Well-respected teachers, including His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, indicated that building a nunnery supportive to international nuns in India would be of great benefit.

In October 2000 Vernable Tenzin Sangmo began putting the pieces together to build what would eventually become Thosamling.

Thanks to generous donors land was purchased in 2002 and construction began on 4 January, 2003.


Thosamling’s mission is to be a place where international female Sangha committed to the Dharma path can live, study and practice in a supportive environment.

Our priority is to help current and future nuns build and maintain a strong spiritual practice, counter the trappings of the lay life, and become part of a community dedicated to spiritual beliefs.

Prior to Thosamling, most non-Himalayan nuns in India lived alone, renting small rooms in guesthouses. They were away from the mainstream of daily spiritual support that is of such benefit for those who have chosen the monastic path. This lack of a physical monastic setting made it difficult for nuns’ commitments to spiritual life to be realized.

Thosamling was built to give international Buddhist Sangha all the support they need.

Realizing that international Buddhist women who are not nuns, some of whom may be considering becoming nuns, also need a place to explore their interests and develop their practice, Thosamling welcomes Buddhist lay practitioners to study and do retreats.


Ultimately, Thosamling’s vision is to foster the growth in numbers of qualified nuns who guide and inspire others through their life and work.