The meaning of retreat

The word retreat in Tibetan literally means to withdraw from the distractions and responsibilities of one’s everyday life and focus internally. This will help the busy mind to quieten down, and to create a space for reflection and meditation.

Within the Buddhist tradition we use retreat to internalize the teachings and to familiarize with the meaning of the teachings. We also retreat in order to do preliminary practices or to fulfill commitments we have with our teachers.

Thosamling is a quiet and inspiring environment for retreat, and offers a range of retreat possibilities. During the retreat, we’ll take care of your daily needs, so that you can fully focus on your retreat. 

Every year, we organize several group retreats. We have a winter reteat and a summer retreat, whereby we take the time to deeply familiarize with certain teachings and/or practices. We organize every fortnight a shamatha retreat, in which participants spend 4 days familiarizing their minds with different mindfulness techniques. By participating in one of these group retreat you can experience the benefits of meditating together. The support from other participants can help us move through difficult experiences with ease and gentleness.

You can also choose to do a personal retreat at Thosamling, and we are happy to assist you with that.

If you would like to come with your Buddhist group to Thosamling for a retreat, please contact us well in advance to discuss the possibilities.

For more information, email us at [email protected]