Transforming Suffering Into the Causes of Happiness

Seven-Point Mind Training

24-28 May

with Geshema Dawa Dolma

“When the world and its inhabitants are filled with negativity,
I Transform adverse conditions into the path of enlightenment.”

In all our lives we experience moments of success, but also misfortune. We experience joy and pain, and wealth and poverty. We have limited or no control over what life brings us, but we can learn to respond instead of reacting to our circumstances.

For example, if we are attacked by someone verbally or physically, we can develop compassion for him or her by seeing that he/she is under the control of and possessed by his/her anger. If we are slandered by someone without any justifiable basis, instead of getting upset, we can look at the situation as a precious opportunity that we can use to cultivate patience. We can extend these principles to all possible situations when we apply the advice given in the teachings on Seven-Point Mind Training. In this way we learn how to bring difficult circumstances onto the spiritual path, and transform them into opportunities to develop our mind in a positive way.

This course on Chekawa’s Seven-Point Mind Training is taught by our resident Geshema Dawa Dolma, who is well known for her down to earth approach, and her understanding of the modern mind. 

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