Practicing Lamrim In Daily Life

25-29 July

with Geshema Dawa Dolma

The Lamrim describes how we need to walk the spiritual path in order to develop our potential for wisdom and compassion fully and attain the state of enlightenment.

In order to attain this awakened state, we need to realize both the ultimate and the conventional nature of reality and we need to transform our attitude from a self-cherishing attitude to an attitude that cherishes others more than oneself. The realizations needed for this huge transformation are achieved in stages, whereby we start where we are.

Acknowledging and accepting our current situation is needed to become more realistic about ourselves. Understanding life in general by seeing its impermanent nature will help to let go of our focus on just this life. Becoming aware where happiness and suffering comes from and how they are related to our own thoughts and actions gives us powerful tools to change our mind with wisdom and knowledge. Working for the benefit of others, even with little acts of kindness, helps us to develop the bodhicitta mind – the mind of universal compassion.

In this 5-day course, Geshema Dawa Dolma will guide us in how to bring these profound teaching into practice and how to apply them to our daily life.

The course is for both beginners and more experienced students.

This course is part of the summer retreat. You can also participate in it as a seperate course.

To register for this course or the summer retreat, please contact us at [email protected].