Becoming A Bodhisattva

The 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva

19 – 23 April

with Geshema Dawa Dolma

In this course, Geshema Dawa Dolma will teach us on the 37 practices of a bodhisattva, a set of practices that embraces all the aspects of the bodhisattva’s path to enlightenment.

This text on mind training was written by Thogme Sangpo, a great master of the Nyingma and Sakya traditions, who lived in the thirteenth century in Tibet. He was a great teacher who practiced bodhichitta intensively, and it is says that he was a very humble and patient person. Upon seeing the suffering of others and bearing it always in mind, tears would often come to his eyes when he gave teachings on bodhicitta.

The 37 practices of a bodhisattva teaches us how we can let go of our disturbing emotions and respond to difficult situations in a constructive way.

By fully understanding the nature of reality we can recognize the illusion-like nature of pleasure and pain. By letting go of our self-grasping mind, we overcome clinging to the pleasurable experiences and aversion to the unpleasurable experiences. By letting go our self-cherishing attitude, we can start cherishing living beings as the source of all happiness. In this way we are ultimately able to work solely for the good of all.

In this course you can learn how you can transform your actions, feelings, and ways of thinking in order to become Bodhisattvas yourself.

Geshema Dawa Dolma is well known for her down to earth approach, and her understanding of the modern mind. 

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