Before the course
Please email us directly for registration and any other course related issues.
To: [email protected]

For registration purposes we ask all course participants to fill in our “course registration form
(the form will be sent to you directly when you email us to register for the course)
Please complete the form and email it back to us.

For non Indian nationals please also email us:

  • Copy of your passport and Indian visa
  • passport photo of yourself

(All that is required by Indian regulations -C form)

Before arriving at Thosamling, please inform your family/friends of your plans (doing a 3 day retreat where you will not be reachable) and conclude all your travel plans and other communications before check in – where you are requested to deposit your phone for the entirety of the course.

What should I bring with me?

Keeping in mind that you will be sitting in meditation during these 3 days, we suggest you bring comfortable clothes with you.  A shawl is recommended for the morning/eve meditation sessions.

During the winter months (March-April, October –November) we recommend bringing warm clothes including coat, thick socks and a warm shawl.
For the monsoon months (June – September) don’t forget an umbrella /rain coat and mosquito repellant since it is quite humid this time of year.
Pre-monsoon months (April- June) the weather is lovely and can get quite hot – so thin clothes and flip-flops/sandals are recommended.

Bring a water bottle with you – which you can refill with purified water at Thosamling’s dining room.
Please bring your own towel and personal hygiene items (such as: shampoo, soap, tooth brush/paste)

Pack lightly in an easy to carry manner – Thosamling is situated in the middle of farm land. The nunnery is not reachable by car – there is a 10 minute walk, through the rice field, to get to the nunnery.

 So don’t bring too much luggage with you.

During the course

Please participate in all sessions and activities. The aim of these 3 days is to give the participants tools and techniques to use in their daily life, the course is very short and the time for study and practice is valuable please use it beneficially .

Keep an open mind – being in a group retreat can be challenging , please be kind and flexible and try to remember that everybody in the group are doing their best to meditate and practice.

Please observe the silence throughout the weekend course. Be especially mindful around the accommodation blocks where other residents and nuns are living.

Use this unique opportunity for introspection, embrace the gentle quietness to calm your mind, relax in the magnificent views of the mountains around us and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never meditated before – is that a problem?
Absolutely not – the 3 day course was created to introduce “beginners” to the meditation practice. The sessions include explanation of the various techniques of Shamatha meditation and our teachers are there to explain and assist in the practice.

I have health issues – must I sit on the floor?
Of course not – the whole idea is to find a posture that will be conducive to the meditation practice and allow one to sit at ease. If needed chairs are provided as well as cushions.

Can I keep my mobile with me on silent mode during the course?
Unfortunately not – we ask all course participants to deposit their phones/laptops etc at check in. we find it very difficult to keep the silence when people have phones with them (even when they promise to keep them on silent). For emergency contact you can give Thosamling’s telephone number.

Are men allowed in the course?
Yes, for the benefit of all we opened Thosamling for everyone (men and women) during the 3 day course. Man accommodations are in a separate building from the women’s accommodation block.

What are the accommodation options?
For women we offer 4 options of accommodation:

  • Single room  (1 woman in a room) with attached bathroom
  • Single room  (1 woman in a room) with shared bathroom
  • Shared room (2 women in a room) with attached bathroom
  • Shared room (2 women in a room) with shared bathroom

For men staying with us during the course we offer 2 options of accommodation:

  • Small room (3 men)  with shared bathroom
  • Large room (4 men)  with shared bathroom

For more information about accommodation and booking please email us directly to: [email protected]

I have special dietary needs can you provide me with special food/cooking facilities.
Thosmaling kitchen offers simple wholesome vegetarian food. We provide our guests with the option to have food with/ without onion garlic, however we cannot cater for other dietary needs, nor can we provide individual cooking facilities.

Can I leave Thosamling during the course
We ask our guests not to leave Thosamling during the course. the nunnery has lovely grounds and garden where the course participants can enjoy the nature and views.  There is a long entrance path to Thosamling (the “outer gate”) where residents can stretch their legs and enjoy the marvelous view of the mountains. However we ask our course participants not to pass the outer gate mark even if the scenery is charming – you are always welcome to visit us after the course is done and explore the area then.


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