Five-year Philosophy Program

with Geshe Ngawang Theckchock

At Thosamling we offer a five-year philosophy program to nuns and lay people, which covers the varies Buddhist subjects studied and practiced in the Nalanda tradition and at Tibetan monastic universities. It is offered in conjunction with and taught parallel to the Nalanda Masters Course in Buddhist Philosophy, taught by Geshe Dorji Damdul at Tibet House, Delhi.

The topics of the five-year program are: Buddhist Psychology, Tenet Systems, Buddhist Logic, Introduction to Debate and Collected Topics, Madhyamikavatara (Entering the Middle Way), Pramanavartika (Establishing the Reliable Guide), Abhisamayalamkara (The Ornament for Clear realization), Abhidharmakosha (Chapter 1,3,4,5), Overview of Pratimoksha Vows Tradition, and Overview of Tantra.

The order of the topics may vary.

This five-year philosophy program is taught by our resident teacher  Geshe Ngawang Theckchock. Geshe-la teaches 4 days per week, from Monday until Friday except on Wednesday. The classes are given from 9-11 AM IST. The teachings will be given in Tibetan and translated into English. At the end of each class there is time for Q&A.

To helps us understand the teachings, Geshema Tenzin Ladron teaches us on Wednesday how to practice debate, especially related to the topic that Geshe-la is teaching. This class is from 9-11 AM IST.

The classes held at Thosamling can be followed simultaneous with the Five-year Nalanda Masters Course in Buddhist Philosophy from Geshe Dorji Damdul, deepening and enriching your understanding about the topic. They can also be followed as a separate study program. 

In August after a short break, Geshe-la will start teaching the Collected Topics. The teachings are also available online, and are offered for free to everyone. When you sign up for the whole course or for a specific topic, we expect you to attend the teachings daily.

If you want to join, contact our Office by  [email protected] to register for this program.