Wisdom of Emptiness

30 March – 5 April 

with Geshe Dorji Damdul

We, at Thosamling, are very excited that Geshe Dorji Damdul has kindly  agreed to teach a course on the Wisdom of Emptiness. The teachings will be based on Arya Nagarjuna’s Mulamadhyamakakarika or the Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way, and Geshe Dorji Damdul will teach in particular on Chapter 1, 18, and 24.

Chapter one of the Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way starts with:

Nothing whatever arises. Not from itself, not from another, not from both itself and another, and not without a cause.

This chapter teaches causality and the ultimate nature of causes, which is their lack of inherent existence. Chapter 18 explains the lack of an inherently existent self and the reasons why such a self cannot exist, while Chapter 24 discusses the 4 Noble Thuths and their nature.

Geshe Dorji Damdul is the former translator of H.H. the Dalai Lama and currently the Director of Tibet House, a Cultural Center of H.H. the Dalai Lama in Delhi.

He is known for his great enthusiasm and his clear explanation about the most difficult topics in Buddhist philosophy. His teachings will help you to understand the ultimate nature of all phenomena—their lack of inherent existence—without denying their conventional nature—they being a dependent arising. Understanding the lack of inherent existence of the law of cause and effect, the self, and the Four Noble Truths gives us a broad insight into the essential nature of the most important aspects of our life.

This course will be thought provoking and a challenge for your innate beliefs. It will help you understand that things do not exist in the way they appear, loosening up your reactive mind and getting more in contact with reality as it is.

The course consists of teachings, meditations, discussions, and more. It is for both beginners and more experienced students.

To register for this course, please contact us at [email protected].