Wood-fired Heater Oven

With the kind help of two German companies, Niermann Ofenbau GmbH and K3 Dammservice, a wonderful high quality wood-fired heater oven was built in the dining hall of Thosamling just in time for winter 2014.

A team of six men and women spent two weeks with us building the German heater oven with bricks, mud, sand and cement. Appropriately, they started to build at the beginning of the Durga festival and by the end of the festival it was ready to be lit for the first time – exactly at the moment when fires throughout India marked the end of the Durga festival! And to add to this rare coincidence, all the bricks we used turned out to be DURGA bricks!

Anna and Norbert, the two main building experts, worked extremely hard along with their team to finish the project on time. Now our dining hall has a wonderful heater oven that includes a heated bench as well. In the cold winter months we have a lovely warm place where we can all hang out and study in the evenings.

If you would like to know more about this heater oven please contact us at thosamling@gmail.com or contact the company directly at www.Niermann-steinofen.de or www.K3-Daemmservice.de.



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