Thosamling is Rime Nunnery

Thosamling is a Rime nunnery, drawing inspiration from all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism and where all four Tibetan Buddhist Lineages are respected and represented in our practice and study.

Nonsectarian practitioners develop proficiency in one of the schools of Kagyu, Nyingma, Sakya or Geluk and then enhance their spiritual practice by seeking out and developing knowledge from the other schools. The various practices and lineages are not diluted or mixed. Rather, this non-sectarian approach is recognition of the profoundness of each lineage and tradition.

Thosamling is one of the few places in the world where nuns from a variety of international backgrounds live together. Rather than belonging to the culture of a particular country, our nuns are asked to develop their own unique community culture. At Thosamling we have welcomed nuns from all parts of the world. Living among women from such diverse backgrounds and lifestyles is a wonderful way to learn from others and enrich one’s life.

Living in a community is especially important for newly ordained nuns. Living together in a monastic setting will help you to be supported by other Sangha members. But also for nuns who have been ordained for years, living together in a community is a very supportive and caring experience and helps deepen practices. Living according to the Vinaya and the rules of Thosamling is a great opportunity to take in the Buddha Dharma and apply it all our daily practice.

For all nuns, whether newly ordained or more experienced, living in community at Thosamling means you are free from mundane daily societal tasks such as shopping, cooking, exchanging gas bottles and the like – all of which take time away from practice and study.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has supported Thosamling from the very beginning, providing funding and the name for Thosamling. Since his visit in May 2009, His Holiness has been sending nuns newly ordained by him to Thosamling for practice and study for at least one year if they do not already have a "home" nunnery or community center.

For more information about what is required in terms of time, commitment, practices, and your contribution to the nunnery, or to reserve a room, contact us at:


Thosamling Nunnery, Institute and Retreat Center.