Retreat Requirements

Thosamling is an excellent place to do retreat. Retreat lengths, structures and practices vary widely, so before you start your retreat we can discuss what you need and how we can help.

For ritualized retreats we have items such as prostration boards, water bowls, tsa-tsa making facilities, as well as the necessary items for ngondro practices. We recommend you buy/bring the things you consider crucial for your retreat before you arrive. Butter lamps we can provide, but we ask practitioners to work more with electrical lights a much as possible as the butter lamps or ordinary candles will mark your room black after some months. To repaint the whole room in is a costly expense.

For those new to retreat we can help you to set up a schedule that is best for you. For beginners we suggest flexibility and to start in a relaxed manner to lessen the pressure one may feel. We will give you a SILENCE badge to wear, and you may choose to eat in dining hall in silence or you eat in your room or outside in our peaceful garden.

When our Geshe-la is in residence at Thosamling he is usually available to provide guidance to retreatants. We are also very near several lama from all Buddhist traditions if you would like to seek guidance from them.

For nuns and laywomen who want to do retreat it is important to get the conditions for your retreat as conducive to reflection as possible. It is important to think before you come what you might need to have an successful retreat.

During your retreat we the kitchen can provide meals without "black" foods, including garlic and onion.

Group retreats may be organized with advanced planning; please contact us to discuss.

Strict retreats can be organized but you need a letter from your teacher approving your retreat and his agreement that he will be available to you, in case you need extra help or guidance. Please complete the retreat form and contact us on with any questions.


Thosamling Nunnery, Institute and Retreat Center.