Our Staff

Office Manager

Shashi Gora is our very respected and dedicated office worker, manager and great help to Ani Tenzin Sangmo. Since March 2011 she has worked arranged everything to do with the day to day running of Thosamling. She also co-manages Queenie’s Oven Green Cafe, a project of Thosamling, by taking all the orders and making sure the restaurants and coffee shops get the right items. Without Shashi Thosamling would be very different from what it is now. We treasure her friendship and kindness. For us she is the embodiment of the warmth and richness of India.

Kitchen Crew

Our outstanding culinary queen is Chef Naina, a professional cook who has set the bar high for cuisine standards at Thosamling. She has a wide array of recipes in her kitchen toolbox, from traditional Indian and Tibetan to Italian and Euro-fusion. Whether lunch is for 30 or 100 people, Naina can whip up something up to please every palate.

By Naina’s side every day is Pradeep, who came to Thosamling not even knowing how to properly hold a knife, but is now the king of cutting and chopping. He also makes a mean chai! In addition to learning how to prepare and cook meals, Pradeep is busy expanding his English language skills and following in Chandu Baba’s footsteps learning about all the workings of various parts and pieces of Thosamling. He’s quickly becoming a go-to guy for many things!

Bakery Crew

Our bakery project, Queenie’s Oven Green Cafe, is directed by Jonu and Shashi, two rockstar women with strong skills in business management and operations. Our fabulous baker boys Sunny (left) and Manoj (right) are in our kitchen daily cranking out breads, tarts, cookies and cakes for Thosamlng residents, for Queenie’s Cafe, located in nearby Sidhpur, and for many cafes in the surrounding area.

Gardener and all around handy Baba:

Chandu Baba has been with Thosamling for many years and can often be seen walking through the fields with heavy packages on his head. On any given day he’s our mailman, our cow dung delivery man, our gardner, kitchen helper, shopper, water problem fixer upper and maintenance man. And he’s got the happiest cows in all of Sidhpur, since it’s his cows that get our leftover food each day!


Our cleaning lady

Rajni is our eager and earnest cleaning lady. She makes sure that rooms are clean before guests arrive, and that various hallways and spaces throughout Thosamling are tidy. She greets everyone with a smile and loves being part of her work family here every day.


Thosamling Nunnery, Institute and Retreat Center.