How to walk to Thosamling

• Take a taxi to Norbulingka or a bus that passes through Fatehpur.
• Go off the main road at the "Sacred Heart High School". If you are on a bus, this is where you get off the bus. If you are in a taxi, the taxi will turn left at this intersection. You can recognize the intersection by the sign of the school, the bus-stop across the street from it, and the "Punjab National Bank" on the other side of the intersection.
• Drive (or walk) down the road that leads to Norbulingka (the map is not proportionate, so this part of the road is a bit longer than it looks on the map). You will pass the "State Electricity Board" on your right, and soon after that, you will see on your right a big pink building with a yellow "Thosamling Institute" sign pointing to your left. A small side-road leads off from the road you are on, between two buildings, and there is a green sign that says "Youthok Menling" in front of it. Take this side-road.
• After following this road for a bit, the road will take a sharp right turn. To your right there is a small tea-shop, and you will see another yellow "Thosamling Institute" sign pointing to your left. Do not take this right turn. Instead, go off the paved road to the dirt road that leads to your left, crossing over a small bridge. If you are in a taxi, the driver might complain that the road is bad for his car – but don’t worry – we take taxis this way all the time – they just have to go very slowly over the small bridge.
• Now the dirt path winds a short way between the houses, until you come to another bridge that crosses a small river. At this point, even a taxi cannot continue, and you must cross the bridge by foot.
• After you have crossed the bridge, continue on the cement foot-path through the fields. After a few minutes, you will pass a small building – the cement foot-path winds around to the left of this house.
• After a few more minutes of walking through the fields, you will see another yellow "Thosamling Institute" sign, with Tibetan prayer-flags next to it; on your right.
Congratulations, and Welcome! This is the entrance to Thosamling!


Thosamling Nunnery, Institute and Retreat Center.