Living in a Buddhist Community

Residents of Thosamling must abide by basic Buddhist principles while on the property. These help us to live harmoniously together and ensure we place Dharma centrally in our lives. By being mindful of body, speech and mind, the lay residents also assist the ordained to live peacefully within their vows.

• Honour all life: abstain from intentionally killing any living being
• Honour ownership: abstain from taking that which is not freely given
• Honour truth: abstain from lying
• Honour spiritual focus - abstain from sexual conduct
• Honour purity - abstain from intoxicants and smoking
• Honour right speech: be constructive in your comments and aim always to use skillful means to increase understanding and find amicable solutions to difficulties.
• Dress modestly in accord with a monastic environment.
• Avoid harmful action. Behave always in a way that demonstrates your respect for others and the Buddha’s teachings.

By staying in Thosamling you commit to abide by the rules of the nunnery. In the same way that vows designed by the Buddha helps and protects us on the path we have chosen, the rules help keep the community in harmony and ensures the nunnery remains inspirational for all of us.


Thosamling Nunnery, Institute and Retreat Center.