Download Friends of Thosamling Application Form

At the request of two of our dearest friends, Toni and Andrea from Germany, we started a “Friends of Thosamling Program” to help Thosamling financially continue with the important work we do.

Thosamling provides a strong, valuable Dharma program as well as Tibetan Language courses that increase access to the Dharma for all students. Recently more than two-dozen students went on to study in higher Buddhist Philosophy Institutes such as Sera College, Drepung Monastery, Institute of Buddhist Dialectics, and in strict Tibetan nunneries. Many others went home to their local centers, translating for their lamas.

For retreatants, Thosamling is an excellent place and we want to make sure that all of these high standard programs will continue to be offered in the future. The Dharma is available for everybody, that has always been the case. But due to higher costs in the West, Dharma centers have to charge higher rates for continuation of their Centers. Many Westerners are not able to go to Dharma teachings because of this and must rely only on books.

We aim to keep our costs low so that the Dharma and the retreat facilities will still be available for those who have lesser financial abilities. By becoming a "Friend of Thosamling", you can help us to keep the Dharma available for everybody.

By becoming a Friend of Thosamling you will receive our bi-annual newsletter, daily prayers for your good health and success, and discounts on accommodation and courses, as follows:

For payments from other countries take a look at our form that can be downloaded over here:
Download Friends of Thosamling Application Form
Please post the completed form to us at Thosamling Institute, Sidhpur, 176057, Distt. Kangra H.P. India;
or email your contact information and desired membership level to us at
Payment can be made by cash or via paypal through our website, Or contact us for other options
Thank you for your support,
Ani Tenzin Sangmo


Thosamling Nunnery, Institute and Retreat Center.