Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thosamling’s donation policy?

Thosamling operates on the basis of donation. Courses are not included in this donation.
For long-term classes such as the Tibetan Language Courses we ask the course donation in full in advance each month.

Do you offer Vipassana courses?

Occasionally we will organize meditation courses, but specifically for Vipassana courses it is best to go to McLeod-Ganj where places such as Tushita and the Goenka Vipassana Centre can accommodate large numbers of participants for the full 10-day course. For more information on the Goenka Centre please visit or visit their International site at (international).

Do you have a refund policy?

The advance of the courses and donation for your retreat/stay are not refundable. For the courses it depends on in which course your are in. For some courses we will give refund in certain cases. This will be mentioned in the course information available on this website.

Are you giving Yoga courses?

Occasionally we have volunteers throughout the year who come give Yoga or Tai Chi classes for a few weeks. Depending on the time that they are in Thosamling and the duration of their stay it is possible that during the year we will have some courses running.

Can I volunteer in Thosamling?

Yes, you can volunteer in Thosamling! We welcome volunteers who can teach such practices as Yoga and Tai Chi, as well as volunteers who enjoy (and have experience with) organic gardening. We also have an ongoing invitation for volunteers to help with fundraising activities. We give free room and food for volunteers who will spend 6 hours of work a day. Please contact us on or call 9882455065.


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