Animal Welfare

Thosamling supports animal welfare organizations in McLeod-Ganj, Dharamsala and local villages. Unfortunately rabies is still quite a common disease in India. On yearly base 20,000 people in India die of rabies, so vaccination and de-sexing programs are a major part of the work here. This keeps animals healthier and prevents the dog population from increasing.

In the past Thosamling organized a de-sexing program with help of Vet Beyond Borders and we will continue to support these programs. It is so fortunate that skilled workers and professional veterinarians are working with in our communities.

Tibet Charity Animal Care Program and Dharamsala Animal Rescue both treat stray dogs and other animals. In the interest of reducing the suffering of our little four-legged friends and to protect the locals from harm, Thosamling’s community donates medicines to this organization. Find out more about them here:


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