Thosamling has two primary residence buildings with simple, comfortably furnished rooms and shared or private bathrooms. Silence is maintained to in all residence areas to provide an ideal place for study, practice or retreat.

The flat rooftops over the guest rooms provide for stunning views to be enjoyed anytime of the day. Many residents use these spaces for yoga, Tai Chi, walking meditation, contemplation, and sunrise/sunset watching.

If you plan to stay at Thosamling for a long time we recommend you bring an electric kettle for making tea and coffee in your room. However cooking is not allowed.

In addition to furnished rooms, guests are provided three meals a day and free internet in the dining hall. To contribute to the smooth running of the community all residents staying longer than a week are asked to do daily Karma Yoga, unless you are in strict retreat. This work usually takes about ten to twenty minutes a day.

To inquire about daily, weekly or monthly donation options, please contact us at


Thosamling Nunnery, Institute and Retreat Center.